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The enigmatic land of Al- Voran has slowly declined over millennia of war and devastating magic ... .

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and now wicked alchemists resurface in this cruel land raising dragons themselves ...

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… join thew WAR and
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Games in development for PC / MAC , scheduled for early 2016

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Master of Dragons, Throne of fire and alchemy
Master of Dragons is the first game developed entirely by our team , but it isn´t our first computer project . We've spent years developing software for other companies and now we have decided to fulfill a dream that took years incubating: Master of Dragons , a worthy successor to the legendary Dragon's Breath .
What gives you Master of Dragons ?
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Master of Dragons, throne of fire and alchemy
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We've already talked about Master of Dragons . But it will not be the only game we will do, we have in mind many more games that we are sure you will enjoy . We are a young team with endless desire to seduce and to do this we need your support in both social networks and crowdfunding campaign that will launch in summer ...

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Adamantite history
All members of Adamantite have been workinh for third party companies these last years, and in our spare time we worked in our true passion : video games. So now we enjoy this unique opportunity to do what we know to do better than nothing.
Here is a video of works in which we have participated .
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The team
Alberto Erice Pérez
Game designer and Programmer
Gamusinos expert hunter and fanatic collector of snails bones. If you ask me for a good read I would recommend you, ' Seven Madmen ' by Roberto Arlt . :).
My cv
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
Mario Ayala
Designer, 3d Animator
and Writer
A great lover of good stories accompanied by good music. Since childhood I have devoured movies, books , music and video games and my passion is to work on all these artistic areas.
"If fate wills it , it will happen."
Javier Segovia
Grafista 2d.
Hecho los ratos con mi monitor de 24', mi wacom y mi dell y para aprovechar algo el tiempo hago esto que llaman concept art y me fijo en los masters como Craig Mullins, Charlie Wen.. para ver como se hace.
'Quien algo quiere algo le cuesta'
Vega Erice
Responsable de Marketing
¿Pero tengo que decir algo?. Venga, vale!.... gugú... tatá.... :)
'El destino no está escrito, lo escribes tú cada día...'
Don Pimpón
Filósofo y Profeta
Es el auténtico viajero de la empresa. Junto a su amigo el majarás de Kapurthala emprenden aventuras por todo el mundo para volver posteriormente a Adamantite a exponerlas de forma educativa.
"Adelante, alégrame el día"
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Contact us / Work with us
There is nothing that concerns us more than meet others with our same concerns. Do you like video games ?. Do you want to excel in the sector?. Do not hesitate, send your cv along with any of your works to the email: contact@adamantitesf.com

We are currently interested in :
- 3D modeler/rigger (Blender if possible).
- Illustrator/> - Unity programmer .